Ritz's Theme

Belle of the Boulevard, Dashboard Confessional

Essential data

Birth Name: Eir, Daughter of Sigrid of Sliabh-bán
Legal Name: Ritz Morningway
Nicknames: Rabbit, Doc Rabbit, Molningway, Carrots
Occupation: Doctor and Courtesan, Bandee Pakshee
Job Crystal: Chemist
Age/Nameday: 83, 18th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Gender/Pronouns: Cis Woman, Her/Hers
Sexuality: Homoromantic Pansexual
Relationship Status: Married to Doyi Mol

Rescue Rabbit

Ritz was born as Eir, named for the healer of the Viera's poetic edda. The Attestation of Eir, a code of conduct for Viera healers, has therefore been a way of living for Ritz. "Soon aid they all who offers give, On the holy altars high; And if danger they see for the daughters of the wood, Then each day from ill do they guard." This oath not only drew Ritz to medicine, it drew her out of the Wood.Because not far from her mountain home, Ritz had heard of the Garlean Empire's encroachment on Dalmasca. It wasn't just a concern that if Dalmasca fell, Golmore was the next logical target -- it was that she had to aid all those who gave offering on those holy altars. She had to carry out her oath, and heal the fighting Dalmascans.But as Doma rose up against it's governor, Dalmasca's rebellion was no longer tolerated. Ritz was lucky, in a sense, as she was captured as a prisoner of war before the city was decimated by the Empire. Being unable to return home as a Viera who turned her back on the Wood and having no home to return to in Dalmasca, Ritz had nothing beyond her work as a Garlean conscript.She was primarily used as a healer there, thanks to her medical training that had been employed as a Dalmascan medic. She healed people the medicus staff didn't deem worthy of their efforts, often other conscripts. So that she might treat magical conditions that Garleans were unaccustomed to and Ritz was better equipped to handle thanks to Viera aether sensitivity. She used research on Nymian medicine to literally boil the blood of her handler and escape into the provinces of Garlemald.She got a group of anti-Garlean terrorists called the Corpse Brigade to traffic her into Eorzea across the Ala Mhigan border. The Brigade was not interested in rescuing her as a means of doing good, however. She had offered herself as an indentured servant to pay the expenses of her rescue. As she was being held in Thanalan, though, she was rescued again, this time from the clutches of her would-be rescuers.She now works at the Bandee Pakshee with the woman who liberated her from the Brigade. And at the Pakshee she met a Mol of the Xaela named Doyi, who has become the rabbit's partner in a quasiromantic roommate and dear associate arrangement. For the first time in a long time, with Doyi in the Goblet's heart, Ritz feels at home.

Out of Character

Speaking with a thick Golmoran (Icelandic) accent, Ritz is a little crisp with her words, but is dedicated deeply in giving others comfort. Part of that is based in her oath, the Viera Norse/Celtic-inspired version of the Hippocratic Oath, but also her need to seek validation in soothing others. This makes her very agreeable in most situations. Some good hooks to interact with Ritz include:

  • Needing medical care, particularly for magic-related ailments.

  • Seeking the companionship of a courtesan, intimate or not.

  • Interactions about Viera culture or the Dalmascan diaspora.

  • Rescue of women in bad situations.

Ritz is available for roleplay of a wide variety of themes, but the player reserves the right to step back from any subject matter at her own discretion. That said, Ritz and her player are exceptionally adaptable and able to work within a wide variety of scenarios.

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